I have purchased parts for my kits. They are available for purchase.


In stock:


470 ohm 1/2W 5%  52mm tape     1.65/c

39K 1/2W 5%             52mm tape    1.65/c

47K 1/2W 5%             52mm tape    1.65/c


.01uf 50V ceramic    bulk                  1.95/c

.047uf 50V ceramic bulk                 1.95/c


1uf 25V radial           bulk                  6.95/c

4.7uf 25V radial        bulk                  6.95/c

10uf 25V radial         bulk                  6.95/c

100 uf 25V radial      bulk                  6.95/c

470uf 25V radial       bulk                  8.95/c


1N914                            bulk                  1.50/c

1N4005                        tape                  1.50/c 

1N4148                        bulk                  1.50/c


2N2222                        tape                  4.95/c

2N3904                        tape                  4.95/c

2N3906                        tape                  4.95/c              

2N4401                        tape                  4.95/c


SCADS of LEDS       bulk    in 3mm rimless and 5mm rimmed, coloured case or water clear

Red,                  5.95/c

green,             5.95/c

Bright blue, 28.95/c

white,              5.95/c

orange            5.95/c