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Grade 9-12 Projects

Tech 8 Project  Ideas


                              Tech 8 Projects

Price: $2.00

Text Box: SKU/Item Number: 1000

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This circuit has 2 transistors, leds, un-drilled pc board and other parts to make a successful student project. You supply a 9V Battery.                                           Class sets have Instructor notes.  Please request drilled boards if needed.


2 Transistor LED Flasher

Price: $2.00

SKU/Item Number: 1001

This circuit uses resistors and capacitors with transistors to generate many individual tones. Board is un-drilled. You supply a speaker and 9V Battery. Please request drilled board if needed.



Price: $2.75

SKU/Item Number: 1002

The LED Strobe uses a RED led. You can vary the flash rate. Board is un-drilled All parts less 9V Battery.  Please request drilled board if needed.

LED Strobe RED

Price: $3.25


SKU/Item Number: 1003

Text Box: The LED Strobe uses a WHITE led. You can vary the flash rate. Board is un-drilled All parts less 9V Battery.  Please request drilled board if needed.


Price: $3.50

SKU/Item Number: 1004

The LED Strobe uses a BLUE led. You can vary the flash rate. Board is un-drilled All parts less 9V Battery.  Please request drilled board if needed.

Text Box: LED Strobe BLUE

Price: $4.50


SKU/Item Number: 1005

Tormentor produces a short duration beep making it difficult to locate.  Uses a 9V battery  which should last up to a year. All parts less battery, undrilled pcb, drilled if required.


Product List

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ROBOT 6 –7/8’s uses the Winker circuit but has 8 leds.

The pcb can be  predrilled  or left undrilled for student hands-on work.


 The Robot on the left has a “uniform” and is pre-drilled. Your choice.

Robot 6 7/8’s has a single sided undrilled pc board with all parts except for the 9V battery. You supply solid wire to make a coil for the neck and arms. Comes with an assortment of leds.

Robot 6 7/8’s

SKU/Item Number: 1006

                Price: $3.95

SKU/Item Number:  1007  drilled pc board

                   Price: $4.25

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From  M.S.

Hi Bill,


    I got the kits on Friday, the day before the "big event".


    I put together one of the robot kits myself just to see how hard it would be.  Attaching the wires to the diodes for the hands is a bit tricky and probably took more time than soldering the circuit board.


    The boys had some basic problems with soldering;  we had lots of cold solder joints which made the circuit boards work or not work depending on how you pushed on them.  For the most part re-soldering fixed the problem.  We were pretty careful to explain how to put the diodes, transistors, and electrolytic caps in the correct orientation so most of the boys got it right.  We were missing only a few parts like a transistor or a cap, so we raided other kits to get the needed parts;  no big deal.


    The boys really liked the robots;  we had a lot of them switch merit badges just so they could build those kits.  With either kit they really were thrilled to be able to take something home that they built themselves.


    Overall it was a good experience and we all learned a lot.  The kits were well designed with good layouts that helped the boys to make it pretty easy to solder.  Unfortunately, the boys had very little knowledge of electronic circuits and components so it was quite a learning experience for them.  Even some of our instructors had little real experience with soldering and so they learned a bit, too.


One thing I forgot to mention is that the 9v batteries are very expensive.  I was able to find carbon batteries (i.e. not alkaline) at Big Lots! for about $.50 each, but everywhere else the alkalines were at least (lowest at Costco) $1.76 each.  Maybe you could come up with a way to use cheaper AA batteries with a holder on the circuit board?


The winker has been working for about 10 days on the same battery but the robot only lasted maybe 6 days.  I used alkaline batteries for my experiment.  Because of all the LEDs in series on the robot, once the voltage falls below approx 5v, operation ceases.  This same battery will continue to work on the winker.  I was even able to use batteries that were being re-cycled here at work on the winker!


Pictures always help.  The boys and the instructors used the layout drawings that you supplied.  Even with them I had to point out to a few people that the parts do not go on the copper side of the board!



    I will add component pictures to make life a little easier I'll add information on the jig I used to solder the hand leds. It's a really HIGH TECH apparatus,, a clothes peg and small pliers.


     Sorry about missing parts, after a while the brain gets confused..... well at least mine does.. I’ll double check the kits before I mail them.


    I'm not sure how long the battery will last, never left one on.  I have a few new kits to try and will send samples to you.