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About Us

I have been supplying BCís school electronics since 1970.

Over this time I supplied, electronic parts, instruction, bread boarding supplies, electronics training aids, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic robotics, physics equipment and pcb layout software.

I am the world supplier of EZRoute2000 (BC Curriculum resource) and in the next few months the advanced version†††† EZRoute Studio will be available.

We supply low cost pc boards, drilled or un-drilled, your layout or mine, your choice. We are now supplying low cost tech 8 electronic kits complete with parts, un-drilled pc board, less 9V battery. Many schools have students drill these pcbís. There are pin holes in each pad to make drilling easier when using high speed drill bits. Please request drilled board if needed.


NOTE my pc boards have high bright non-lead finish.


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